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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What is the format of VTB Capital Forum "RUSSIA CALLING!" this year?

The Forum is held in an online format, the broadcast of the session will be available on the Forum's website www.russiacalling.com. Participation in the Forum does not require registration

Can I ask the speaker a question? How can I do it?

Yes. During the Forum days, there will be a "Ask speaker a question" window under the broadcast screen

In what language will the Forum broadcasts take place?

The broadcasts will be available both in Russian and English languages, all Forum sessions will be accompanied by synchronous translation

Where can I watch the broadcast?

On the Forum website www.russiacalling.com, as well as on Youtube, on
VTB Capital page and on the websites of the Forum's media partners: Russia 24,

Where can I find materials from previous VTB Capital Forums "RUSSIA CALLING!"?

Materials from previous forums can be found on the Forum's website www.russiacalling.com in the "Archive" section and on VTB Capital website www.vtbcapital.com in the section “RUSSIA CALLING!”

Where can I find general information and the program of VTB Capital Forum "RUSSIA CALLING!"?

All information about the Forum can be found on the website www.russiacalling.com in the sections
"About the Forum" and "Program"

Technical issues

General technical requirements

  • Availability of COMDI servers

  • Stable Internet connection with an incoming speed of at least 850 kBit/s

  • The latest version of the browser is desirable.

o   Internet Explorer ≥ 11

o   Chrome ≥ 34

o   Firefox ≥ 42

o   Opera ≥ 21

o   Safari ≥ 8

  • HTML5 video support

  • Open ports 80 and 443

  • The player has the ability to select the quality of the online broadcast:

o   SD (low quality) - for users with an incoming Internet speed of at least 850 kBit/s (opens by default)

o   HD (high quality) — for users with incoming Internet speed not less than 2 Mbit/s (to switch to this format press the corresponding button (SD/HD/FullHD) from the pop-up menu of the player)

o   FullHD (high quality) — for users with incoming Internet speed not less than 3 Mbit/s (to switch to this format press the corresponding button (SD/HD/FullHD) from the pop-up menu of the player)

  • The broadcast is available on mobile devices running iOS 8 and above, as well as on mobile devices running Android 4.4 and above.


  • Make sure that your device has got the sound turned on

  • Make sure that the sound is turned on in the broadcast player

  • The sound volume is adjustable in the lower left part of the video window

  • You can select the broadcast language in the lower right corner of the player window


On the computer

  • Pass the system test http://www.comdi.com/test_system

  • During the broadcast, you can go to the system test by right-clicking on the video window. If the system gives an error, contact the corporate system administrator.

  • If you can't set up video playback, try watching the broadcast on Youtube:

November 30, watch on Youtube

https://youtu.be/Xmd_DjzSgUQ Russian Version https://youtu.be/niGfo9o1uXE English version

December 1, watch on Youtube

https://youtu.be/7J2T4hl2Ovs Russian Version

https://youtu.be/BC8uT0HA8Ko English version

On the mobile phone

  • For watching the broadcast on a mobile phone, make sure that your device meets the requirements:
  • Devices with iOS 8 and higher operating system;

  • Devices with Android 4.4 and higher operating system

  • Check that you are opening the broadcast in the mobile version of the site, try changing the browser, for example, to Chrome

Problems with video quality

  • Try changing the quality of the video broadcast to the minimum available - 480 SD

  • Try opening the broadcast from another internet connection, preferably connected to a wired Internet