Putin considers VTB performance efficient

On Thursday Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, met with Andrei Kostin, head of VTB, to mark the 30-th anniversary of the bank. The President praised the financial institution for its efficient performance.

“I know that VTB has marked its 30th anniversary this month. Over this time, this conglomerate has done a tremendous job, has evolved to become one of the largest financial institutions in Russia along with Sberbank. It has been working most effectively, under your leadership, for years, and you have grown from a diplomat to a major financial executive, and head of one of our largest banking institutions ”, — said Putin to Kostin, congratulating him and VTB team with the anniversary.

“We live in difficult times. I know that VTB has contributed to supporting the national economy and thus, Russian citizens, and has shouldered a certain burden doing so”, — stated Putin. The head of state mentioned the postponement of loan payments. The President asked Kostin to inform him of the aftermath and the current state of affairs with the bank.

During the meeting Putin once again came back to Thursday’s VTB Capital’s "RUSSIA CALLING!" forum. He stated that the forum was important, rewarding and interesting not only for Russia, although it did give an insight into the mood of partners both in Russia and abroad. The President hoped that the forum was informative and gave investors an idea about where Russia was and how it was going to proceed, what priorities it would be guided by for economic development.