Next year invest in gold and silver – experts

Experts recommend investing in gold and silver in 2021, said the VTB Capital investment forum “RUSSIA CALLING!” participants during a panel session.

Gold is a security instrument during crisis. For the last 12 month its price increased by more than 25%, said Vladimir Potapov, VTB Capital Investments CEO.

“I didn’t buy gold and silver for quite a while, but started again in 2019. Gold is what you invest in on a rainy day. Russia, as well as the whole world, knows that going through troubled times one has to stick to precious metals,” said Jim Rogers, international investor and writer.

Stefan Hofrichter, the Head of the Global economy and strategy Department at Allianz Global Investors, suggested keeping technology companies’ stocks in investment portfolios even in spite of their high cost.

Miroslav Singer, the Director of institutional Affairs and the Chief economist at Generali CEE Holding B.V shares this opinion and recommends investors to turn to the companies developing digital technologies, to secure their market share amidst the pandemic.

“I’m quite cautious about gold. It has a positive correlation with risky assets this year, it was moving together with the stock market. It is difficult to find an effective hedging tool against the dynamics of the stock market, and doesn't gold is not exactly the thing. If you want to buy gold, buy shares of gold-producing companies,” said Christopher Granville, Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and African markets and Global Policy Research at TS Lombard.

In his opinion, the markets of developing countries, especially Asian ones, are the most promising for investment.