Belorussian VTB subsidiary operational, sustainable - Kostin

The events in Belorussia did not affect operations of the Belorussian subsidiary of VTB, the bank is operational and sustainable, said Andrei Kostin, head of VTB.

"Our bank in Belorussia is operational and sustainable, despite all the processes, we did not change our operations in any way, did not restrict anything, we did not ramp up anything", - said Kostin in his interview to RBC TV.

On August 9 presidential elections were held in Belorussia, and following the election victory of Alexander Lukashenko, the current head of state, opposition protests began in the country. Belorussian ruble slumped, there was higher demand for foreign currencies and deposits were withdrawn. On October 2 Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko stated that the republic was going back to regular operations of the financial system, FX demand plunged and the deposit market situation calmed down.